From hate speech to respectful speech in the preschool education system

Karmen Chakir


In the present article we discuss the issue of hate speech in the society and in educational institutions, as well as the necessity of institutional preschool education that stimulates the development and the use of respectful speech among children. There are many appeals for tolerance and for observance of norms aimed at limiting the hate speech, but the current events in the society and various researches show that those appeals do not always have the desired effects. Therefore, in the article we stress the role of educators who educate children to respect the other with his differences and similarities and to use respectful speech, by pointing out especially the role of an adequate model of educational method, precisely the inductive educational approach.


Hate Speech; Respectful Speech; Tolerance; Inductive Educational Approach; Responsibility

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1825-8670/6460


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