Journal History

The journal was founded in 1996 by Piero Bertolini at the University of Bologna, department of Education. It rounded up the group of people that for ten years coordinated the book series for the “La Nuova Italia” editor. 

The group was characterized by the sharing of the same theoretical perspective on the phenomenological pedagogy. After a couple of years spent with the Editor “Il Segnalibro”, the journal moved to Bologna where it became a journal supported by the University of Bologna. This entailed a first substantial change in the editorial structure that called for an international scientific committee.

Since 1999, Encyclopaideia published two issues a year with the CLUEB Editor, which was linked to the University of Bologna. In 2006, when its founder and director passed away, Massimiliano Tarozzi becomes the new director of the journal and he gave a clear international cut and adapted the journal to high quality standards by introducing rigorous procedures of peer review.

The scientific commitee enlarged in order to gather numerous International researcher.

The journal started to publish more and more articles edited in English, thus becoming an International journal. It also started to be indexed in many scientific database.

Since 2010 Encyclopaideia is published by the Bononia University Press and since 2011 it publishes three issues per year.

Since this year (2014) the journal moved its publications online with the University of Bologna being the editor and sponsor, thus choosing the Open Access administration.