Validation of an ICT system supporting Competence-Based Education


  • Nadia Mana
  • Ornella Mich
  • Angela Maria Sugliano
  • Hyeon Kyeong Hwang



Evaluation of eLearning tools, Interactive e-books evaluation, Users community analysis, Software tools for competence-based education


This paper aims to present the evaluation of eSchooling, an ICT system supporting competence-based education. The eSchooling team ran an experiment involving ten high schools throughout an entire school year, so as to cover all the teaching stages (from activities planning to the final students evaluations). In order to guarantee objectivity and independence, external experts performed monitoring, validation and evaluation of the experimental results. These experts analysed different aspects: the logs of the eSchooling system, the response of a user community, the logs of the interactive e-book system and the outputs of users focus groups. The main indication derived from the analysis of the collected data is to involve entire groups of teachers of the same class, rather than isolated ones, when evaluating such kinds of educative tools. Another suggestion is to move in the direction of a tighter integration with other ICT tools such as the electronic board for recording activity, even when it is not competence-based.


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Mana, N., Mich, O., Sugliano, A. M., & Hwang, H. K. (2015). Validation of an ICT system supporting Competence-Based Education. Encyclopaideia, 19(42).