Before the Classroom. Translation as Internship


  • Mino Conte Università degli Studi di Padova



School, Teaching, Language, Critical theory, Translation


What are the problems that teaching encounters today? In what way today is teaching spoken of? The words that speak of the school today, which words are they and where do they come from? What rationality more generally informs them? The Essay tries to answer these questions by employing a critical-theoretical perspective. Starting from the presupposition that teaching has principally to do with the knowledges deposited in the disciplinary contents, the first step, following Lyotard, considers the conditions of knowledge in the more developed societies, examining in particular what knowledge is expected to be and who takes this decision. Then the Essay moves further critically examining the hegemonic advent of neo-liberalism and the paradigmatic horizon of connections and economical-political presuppositions that follows. The analysis continues by focusing on the words that characterize the Neo-Language that today insists on education and teaching, proposing the practice of a ‘foreignizing’ translation as a premise to rethink the emancipatory education.


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