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Encyclopaideia is an international peer review journal, founded in 1996 at the University of Bologna. It is a pedagogical journal in the cultural and scientific pedagogic Italian context. It publishes theoretical, methodological and political articles on key issues in the education field from a multidisciplinary and phenomenological point of view.

Vol 18, No 40 (2014)

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Editorial PDF (Italiano)
Massimiliano Tarozzi


Public Policy and the ‘Sustainability’ of Adult Education PDF (English)
Marcella Milana, Palle Rasmussen, John Holford
‘Communities are where it all happens’: Tracing discourses of sustainability in the destatisation of adult literacy education in British Columbia, Canada PDF (English)
Suzanne Smythe
Adult education in the United States of America: A critical examination of national policy (1998-2014) PDF (English)
Marcella Milana, Lesley McBain
The Portuguese Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy agenda – examining a volatile panacea by means of ethno-phenomenological interpretations PDF (English)
Rosanna Barros
Using the experiences of skilled migrants to reflect on continuing education policies for workforce and sustainable development PDF (English)
Susan Webb
Democratising education policy making or legitimising discourse? An analysis of the new Lifelong Learning Law in the Basque Country PDF (English)
Carlos Vargas Tamez


Enricomaria Corbi e Stefano Oliverio (a cura di) (2013). Realismo tra virgolette? Nuovo realismo e pedagogia. Lecce-Brescia: Pensa MultiMedia Editore PDF (Italiano)
Jole Orsenigo

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